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Striped Bass


Striped Bass Fishing in Plum Gut, The Race and Long Island Sound with Orient Point Fishing charters.

Plum Gut and The Race are the two most exciting and rewarding spots for Striped Bass fishing in Long Island Sound and in the world. This is why Orient Point charter boats have the ultimate advantage in Long Island Striped Bass fishing. Why do we catch so many so many Stripers? Striped Bass live in very rocky bottoms. Now put that together with the great current caused by all the water exiting or entering Long Island Sound, creating under water turbulences, the Striped Bass easily trap the smaller bait fish and thus do most of their feeding in these two spots. We drop in where they are feeding with bait or lures resembling what they are feeding on, and next thing you know, you got one.

Unlike many other fish, Striped Bass feed both day and night. We offer night Bass trips, as many anglers prefer night fishing to catch the bigger bass and not to loose a day of work. Whether on a day trip or a night trip we use many exciting techniques to catch them including live eels, jigging, live baitfish, bunker chunks, trolling, casting, fly, but the infamous "Bucktailing" also known as "3-waying" makes fishing in Orient Point the most intense, exciting, and productive Striped Bass Fishing in NY and the world. A commercial technique used by the captain for over 30 years, he'll teach you all you need to know to become a good "Bucktailer" and if your lucky a few secret tricks too.




Also known as Summer Flounder, Fluke grow to be "Doormats" up to 20 lbs. Orient Point Fishing, famous for its spring and early summer FLUKE fishing, attracts anglers from all over the country to get in on the action and chance to catch a trophy fish. All North Fork Captains know we are blessed with the best FLUKE fishing on Long Island.

The reason the Jumbo Fluke come to Gardiners Bay and Peconic Bay is to eat the squid that make their annual migration to our waters for breeding. It is the best Greenport fishing charters has to offer.

With the engines off, drifting for fluke peacefully with the tide, each angler drops their bait, often a squid strip with a spearing, to the bottom and anticipates the Door mat Fluke bite. It's a sucking, pulling action with a few chomps mixed in. This is what makes the challenge: when to set the hook? No matter how many years you've fished, kids fishing or adults, to catch a Doormat Fluke you best chance is Orient Point Fishing in May and June.


Blue Fish


Called the best fighting fish pound for pound, catching a Bluefish will surely make your arms tired. Fishing Charter Boats in Orient Point need only travel a few minutes for its famous Plum Gut Fishing. The Long Island Blue fishing season, sometimes overshadowed by Long Island Striped Bass fishing, runs from mid May thru November. Fishing in Long Island Sound with diamond jigs has been an Orient Point charter boats favorite because its easy to get a big fish to bite but hard to real in.

Our fishing charters are often surprised when Capt. Sloan brags about how good the small cocktail blue fish are to eat. Forgotten, but rated by most fish cookbooks as "Excellent", Bluefish can be fried, grilled, baked, or broiled. And of course many of our charter fishing anglers love the big Long Island bluefish for smoking.

Blue fishing and Porgies Fishing make a great combo Black Rock Fishing trip. Whether its fishing for kids or adults our fishing charters include free fishing lessons.


Black Fish


Affectionately called "Togs", short for their Indian name Tautog, Blackfish excite all fisherman. Challenging to catch, with a chiseling, nibbling bite, the angler must be ready to set the hook hard, but not too soon or too late for the Tog will rob you of your bait. Black fishing in Orient Point is a unique opportunity if you want to Black fish on Long Island.

Blackfish live in structure, rock piles and sunken boats called wrecks. In the morning as we leave Orient By The Sea Marina the mate cuts a bucket full of live crabs and gets the rods ready with a sharp hook and a sinker. Once the Captain has set the anchor with the boat atop the fish everyone drops down to the bottom and gets ready to swing. The bites usually come fast so you must be ready or you will loose your bait, its that fast. Once hooked the Tog fights hard to return to the bottom to wedge himself among the rocks. The angler must fight hard back to try and land this "Tugging Tog".

With a diet of crustaceans, their pure white meat tastes like what they eat, crabs and lobsters. Considered the best eating inshore fish, the meat is delicate and sweet. It really doesn't matter how you cook them as they are always great.

Charter boat fishing in Orient Point is considered by avid anglers to have the best Black fishing on Long Island. With its rocky shoreline and varying depths, Orient Point Black fishing is good from the beginning of October thru Thanksgiving.




Commonly called by their commercial name "Scup", porgies are great fun to catch with their lightning fast nibbling bites. The captain takes you to the right spot, put a piece of clam on the hook, drop it down and Bam! You got one, sometime two at a time. Kids love catching porgies as do adults. Its fun and easy and they are great eating.

A huge misconception is that Porgies have a lot of bones. This is not true as they have the same as most any fish. After the mate filets your catch of Porgies you have a nice big bag of sweet white meat with no bones at all. Great to fry, sauté or lightly grill. Of course should you like them the classic Mediterranean style and cook them whole on the grill or fried, the mate will remove all the guts and gills making them ready to cook.

Everyone has a great time Porgies Fishing with Capt Sloan on Black Rock Fishing Charters Orient Point which has great access to all North Fork Fishing Porgy spots. Kids fishing or adult fishing, porgie fishing is great fun. Call now to get in on the action.


Season; June 15 - Nov 1 10 fish/angler 60 fish/angler in Sept and Oct

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